Flauta Transversal Yamaha YFL-894MVH

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Descrição do produto

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The vibrant, bright tone colors of the YFL-800MV Series seem to glitter in the air, with clear, rich harmonics, a new, unique tuning, and smooth, natural transitions between notesgiving the instrument a broad dynamic range. This instrument is like an artist's palette, allowing you to create limitless variations and gradations in tone colors-drops of sounds that evolve, grow organically and finally come together as an entire masterpiece, a single work of musical art.
Yamaha's exquisite handmade flutes have a long, rich history, and have been favored for many years by various discerning artists. Now, one decade after Yamaha first unveiled the YFL-800MV Series, along with the expert input of famed flutist Shigenori Kudo, have created a new flute with a 'marvelous' sound: the YFL-800MV Series.
Drawing on the inheritance of the YFL-800BJ Series and featuring even greater playability, the YFL-800MV represents an elegant step forward in Yamaha's line of handmade flutes, enabling a new dimension in musical expressiveness that surpasses flutes of the past.
Finally, here is the instrument that flutists worldwide have sought. Once you have touched and blown into this instrument, you will love it. Has there ever been any other flute possessing such clear and beautiful tone, and one capable of producing such a rich variation of colors and feelings? Any musical phrase you play on the YFL-800MV Series is naturally and attractively conveyed to your audience, with a marvelously resonant sound and finely nuanced expression.

Caracteristicas Gerais

Flauta Transversal
Ring keys
E mechanism
Soldered and undercut
Type M
B Junction

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Modelo: YFL-894MVH
LINK CLICKPLUS: clickplus.pt/p52463
Marca: Yamaha